Day 126 – At the Rakhimova’s

A big thanks to Komila and her family for putting me up today at their place. Great food, friendly dog, warm bed.

Thank you to the Rakhimova family, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Denny Rakhimova in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Thanks also for letting me use your computer. Hence I was able to stitch together a few more panoramas from Tajikistan…

Ayni, Tajikistan

Just past Ayni, Tajikistan

Near Ayni, Tajikistan

Near Penjikent, Tajikistan

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3 thoughts on “Day 126 – At the Rakhimova’s

  • Komila

    Hello hello,

    thanks for mentioning my family! It was a very interesting encounter. Hope your trips is going on well! I know I owe a recepie of famous plov. I remember…as soon as there is a chance I'll write it down and email! Best of luck and keep your blog updated!