Day 15 – Beijing

Yes, I be in Beijing. Full details to follow, including a full run down on the crazy adventures over the last few days, but for now, I am in Beijing after a 15 hour train ride (hard seats) and trying to find a train ticket to Urumqi. The info I have at present is that they are all sold out for the rest of the month, however I have a few more leads to look into tomorrow.

Trying to stay cool, Rob.

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6 thoughts on “Day 15 – Beijing

  • Uncle Peter

    I had three students from Urumqi. Two were still in CHC last I heard. I wonder can they find out for me about the former colleague back in XinJiang? I'll see what I can find out.

    What happened about the bike ride across China?


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Uncle Peter, it was always the plan to take a train across China. In order for me to get to the high passes in Tajikistan before the cold weather kicks in. By the way, the 12,000km that I plan to bike is indeed by bike. If you include the train ride, then the total distance is over 15,000km.

  • Markus

    Hi Rob.

    Exiting to browse your website and to read about the start of your adventure. Will try and stay tuned all the way and guide you across those Swiss passes. Hopefully you can meet up with some of my friends when you are there. For now please take care and remember: "do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." (Josh.1:9.)

    Markus from Christchurch

  • Mum

    Glad you got there! When there hadn't been any postings on your iste for the past few days I thought you must have got on the ferry and be on you way to China. Hope you also get a ticket on the train quickly too

  • Aunty Les

    Glad to have some news at last. I was beginning to wondwer where you were at when nothing new had appeared on your web site since 2nd August!

    I saw Rach today. Aunty Jen, Nige and I went to the airport to help her fill in an hour on her way from Nelson to Dunedin. She's got herself a cool job as a photograper fro a Nelson firm that does black/white children/family portraits. No doubt Rach will tell you about it herself but it's well paid and something she's good at and will enjoy.

  • Satoshi - a friend


    I have not been able to check your progress for the last few days – i have been so busy with work and when i get home late the only thing i wanna do is treating myself with food cooked by myself (i am kinda against buying readymade food as i often eat takeaway stuff for lunch. What have you been feeding on? Don't be too tight on how much to spend on something that will eventually become a part of you. Keep a well balanced diet for staying healthy throughout the trip 😉 😉