Ticket obtained

I’ve got the ticket to Urumqi in far west China. The only tickets were hard seats. That is, a non-reclining seat for 62 hours. This will be a doozy. Will update again in Urumqi with photos and diary of the last few days of action. That will be in three days or so.

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14 thoughts on “Ticket obtained

  • Mum

    Again, you've got a ticket! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing of your recent adventures. 62 hours on a hrad seat sounds like un-fun!! Hope your derrier survives!

  • Uncle Peter

    You're a jolly nutter. Are you allowed to bike on the train? Your machine might be more comfortable than the train seat. Maybe you can make a yuan or two renting it out for a few minutes light relief for your fellow passengers.

    I'll have some contact details for you in XinJiang in a day or two.


  • Jenny

    Yey! Go you! 62 hours on a hard seat doesn't sound like much fun, but I guess it beats hanging around trying to get a ticket!! Mind you, by the time you get near the end of your 62 hours, you might be wishing you could have biked instead! Even though it's actually Uncle Peter that's the nutter, you might have to resort to his crazy ideas!!!

  • Mike C

    Wow, can't wait to see your photos of Urumqi and the surrounding area! Dad and I are very excited! (For those of you reading this who are not Rob Thomson, my Dad was born in China, only a few hundred Kms from Urumqi). Congrats on getting the tickets – it's really fun being able to follow you on your adventure!

  • Lee

    Wow Rob! Do take lots of water. 62 hours is a lot. I think there's a similar-length boat trip in PNG you can do, with something along the lines of no food or water provided, nor toilet facilities? Maybe not even seats. I may have that slightly worse than the actual facts, but yeah.

    Love your Uncle's idea of renting your bike to passengers. Should make for some brilliant photos.

    Am following along each day or two on your website but not posting much, to save you wading through replies in precious internet cafe minutes. But praying for you :-)

  • Chris J

    Nice work Rob! I see that you made it to China as planned and have your next train ticket as well. Congratulations! It will be a long trip, but take comfort in the fact that you are still moving along more or less at the pace you had scheduled. I will look forward to your next update! Did you get your visas for the "Stans" worked out yet?

  • Dave

    I seem to have trouble submitting comments, hope this one goes through.

    62 hours on a hard seat? I had 2 hours in a hard seat car – very loud and bustling, with hawkers coming through the aisles every 10 minutes. Drink some beers to dull the pain and try to ignore the interesting aromas that waft around you!

  • Rich


    I hope you'll survive the trip. I think, the train ride will be the hardest part of your 12,000 kms;)))

    Rich, the Vagabond on the Roof of the World