Day 258 – ITALY: Venice to Vicenza

Today’s distance / 今日の走行距離: 105.95km
Average speed / 平均速度: 15.4km/h
Time on bike / 走行時間: 6h 52m
Total distance to date / 今日までの積算距離: 1191.4km (plus 9700km)

First things first. The 14degrees Off The Beaten Track website had the honour of being chosen by .citycycling online magazine as the website of the month this month (Issue 22). Woohoo. Check out the stylish .citycycling online mag here.

Also, the 14degrees Off The Beaten Track stories have appeared twice in online news site Cairns Media Magazine. See the articles here and here.

And now to the daily action…


All these cities starting with ‘V’…all rather confusing.

I ate half a chicken for breakfast today. I couldn’t help myself. It looked so good. And at 2 Euros…I just had to indulge. Who knows how they can produce and cook a chook for that little. I hate to think.

This is what remained in my food bag:

A peek into my food bag near Padova, Italy

Click on the photo for an ‘interactive’ photo with ‘notes’ for a description for each item

I felt a little tired today. All that walking in Venice perhaps. Give me cycling any day over walking…

I don’t know what it is with me an cemeteries, but I saw lots of people going in and out of a pretty looking building, and when I wandered inside to have a gawk, it ended up being the Padova cemetery.

Cemetery walls near Padova, Italy

A very impressive cemetery at that. I couldn’t help but think that upkeeping a grave is hard work. Hundreds of people were at work putting fresh flowers on graves, trimming bonsai sized trees on the graves, washing graves.

I liked Vicenza even before I arrived. It has a long cycle path running from the east of town all the way west into town. It was nice to be off the road for a while.

A big basilica called Monte Berico distracted me however, and I made the steep uphill pedal to this impressive church.

Dusk in Vicenza, Italy

Basilica in Vicenza, Italy

By the time I had walked around the basilica, it was time to search for a spot to sleep, finally settling on a secluded spot of grass just off the cycle path.

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13 thoughts on “Day 258 – ITALY: Venice to Vicenza

  • John Cook

    Just a quick note from Toronto, Canada to say thanks for the vicarious pleasure afforded by your blog and wonderful photographs. In my younger days I used to do some touring, but now I enjoy the soft life and stick to some good, fast club rides with a bunch of other retired guys. Your adventure reminds me of how good it is to "live" on the bike, and the photo of the food left in your pannier whets my appetite again for camping along the way.THanks again for the "ride". John Cook, Toronto

  • Aunty Les

    Much more interesting food than when you were on the Pamir Highway!

    The churches are impressive but it must be difficult to have a contemporary worship service in them as they somehow make God seem very distant.

    I managed to download that last TV appearance of yours in Slovenia – took 5 hours!

  • Aunty Les

    I meant to ask you where you got your natty beany you were wearing in the Slovenia TV article. I can't remember seeing it before.

    I've been thinking that with all the media attention you've been getting I wonder if anyone would be willing to sponsor a return journey and make a TV documentary out of it? You know, the sort of thing that Michael Palin's done.

  • Nana

    Hi Rob

    I have tried to send come comments but I don't think I did it right. Anyway I have been following your journey with avid interest. I have all your info printed off and it makes fascinating reading. I am so glad you are at last becoming sort of famous – on TV and now in a magazine. Perhaps next time you do something of this magnitude again you will take a TV crew along with you!

    My prayers are with you

  • Cornell


    Still with you on your journey. Getting a bit civilized to say the least. I have to confess, I have been using some of your large photos for a screensaver. Love the ones of the bicycles and good-looking Italian women. Love the sign on one of the bikes that says "bicycles do not pollute!" Take care and enjoy some better Spring weather.


    Cornell in Canada

  • Andrew C

    That food looks good. Everything you need for a perfect italian pizza! Pity you dont have an oven. Can you cook a pizza in a hungi pit?

  • carl w.

    Blimey old mate you've been busy, I was away with work causing havoc and being paid brilliant it can't get better!

    Tons to read hope easter is treating you well? have to dash and edit another section of corporate rubbish together no rest for the wicked and all that… all the best from darkest surrey

  • Bram van Uden

    Hello Rob,

    Thanks for answering so promptly. Since I fount your website (the day before yesterday), I'm reading your Blog on a daily basis now. Wow, what a trip you've made so far. I love bicycle holidays, but I'm addicted to paved roads too, so I guess I will never do a trip like yours, but nevertheless, I love to read your diary.

    My "only" experiences are some round trips through Europe (in the early 80's), twice coast-to-coast in the USA ('85 and '87), 1 month roundtrip in the southwest of the USA, my honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand (!) in 1993 and, since 1996 trips with my wife and children in Europe (Austria, France, Netherlands). So, compared to you, I'm just a beginnner 😉

    As you know by now, I'm married and am 45 years of age and do have 2 children (10 and 12 years of age). I work at the Emergency Center of the Royal Dutch Touring Club (similar to the New Zealand AA) as a 'international repatriation coordinator'.

    Since the year 2002 I ride on recumbent bikes and since a little over 2 years now, I own a Velomobiel Mango (see and than scroll down to my name to see my actual bike). The mileage that takes you 3 months, costs me a little over a year, and my kilometres are all on the same route 🙁

    I'm sure you'll love Switzerland and Germany, but don't be frightened of the prices of all day live, especially in Switzerland. For that reason I sincerely hope that you will find yourself a well-paid job.

    Once again Rob, we love to offer you a bed and meals, so please inform me once you have any idea when you are near Holland. I'm convinced you will love Holland. We are somewhat crowded (on average 400 people live on 1 sqaure kilometer…), but it's biker's paradise: the 15 million Dutch own over 15 million bikes (of which 99,5% non-recumbent…)

    Let's keep in touch and take care on the crowded roads in Western Europe

    Bram van Uden

    Bergschenhoek (10 km northeast of Rotterdam)


    Phone ++ 31 10 5113797

  • Shirley & Yuri F

    Hey Rob ! How are you doing???

    Do you need a rest-stop?

    Sorry this is not a "comment" as such, but I just caught up with your website again and you seem to be somewhere in North Italy!

    My husband and I are still here just north of Milan, so if you are heading in this direction and are in need of a cup of coffee, a hot shower, a bed for the night, or all 3, then give us a call !

    I sent you an email too so you'll find our contact details there.

    Well take care and if we don't see you, then good luck on the rest of your trip !



    (former Yayoi CIR)

  • akimoto

    Hey Jollynut,

    I just want to agree strongly with Bram Van Uden's comment; "Holland is biker’s paradise" and you will have all the fun in the world at the end of your traveling if you visit Holland just before you go to London.

    And the people are the most relaxed people of Europe, that is for sure.

    Cheers Akimoto

  • Satoshi


    I get the e-mail notification on your site updates many days after you have updated your blog so it's pretty useless to me. I wonder why their service takes so long to deliver the mail….?

    My bent conversion of the folding bike is going well, no more works to be done just a few parts missing (sourcing them from e-bay and a cheap online shop based in France) that's all. Can't wait to see it completed!

    About the paperwork surrounding my passport renewal. I got Aussie paper sorted today and realised I also have to let the Belgian embassy know about it too using a purpose built form, photocopying this and that…. yummy