Day 269 – ITALY: From Milano to Serengo

I left early again from my sleep spot in the field after a very good deep sleep.

Sleeping spot in freshly cultivated field 10km south of Milano, Italy

And then the joys of not having a guide book struck again. I had no idea that this existed until I rounded the corner. I let out an “ooof” kind of sound as I entered the Piazza Duomo.

Il Duomo di Milano, Milano, Italy

I mean, this thing is incredible. The spikey bits look as though you could throw a stone at them, and they would fall off their stools. Amazing that it has survived.

Inside of Il Duomo di Milano, Milano, Italy

The interior is breathtaking. How long it must have taken to carve just the floor pieces I can’t imagine. The whole interior and exterior of the Il Duomo di Milano is under refurbishing, but wow. Just wow.

Restoration work inside Il Duomo di Milano, Milano, Italy

Stained glass windows, embalmed bodies of dead priests, what a place.

Stained glass windows in Il Duomo di Milano, Milano, Italy

The wonder did not end once outside of the church. The galleria to the north of the Piazza Duomo is like walking though a time machine. If not for all the tourists, you’d think you had walked back in time. The glass roof is enchanting.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II roof, Milano, Italy

Earlier in the week, I had received an email from an old aquaitance from my time in Japan. Shirley was doing the same job as me in another small town in southern Japan, as Coordinator for International Relations. She and her husband, Yuri, now live in Serengo, about 20km north of Milano. We arranged to meet up when I passed through the area, and I stayed the night with them tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Day 269 – ITALY: From Milano to Serengo

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    Sleeping in newly plowed fields looks a bit better than sleeping in greveyards, but that could just be me. Never tried either yet.

    Probably better not to throw stones at the cathederals to test your theory either. "You break it, you bought it" may apply in Italy.

    Just to let you know, I will be going back to Madison for about 2 weeks. Not sure if I will be able to check your site during that time so don't do anything really cool while I am away. 行って来ます!

  • Luka

    I can only say WOW, you might wanna start a new career in photography after you're done with cycling and longboard skating 🙂 (serious)

    To bad you were here in such bad weather. It's been sunny in Slovenia for the last two weeks straight!

  • neil

    hi Rob, great to see you making such progress across Italia! i loved that photo of the playground tap. Just wonderful.

    Interested to hear what you think of Milano, not my favourite of Italian cities, but Piedmont, here you come! and on to Turino! Home of the Fiat! Enjoy! and see if you can find some Barolo wine. Absolute yum! Keep on pedalin… the alps will be in sight pretty soon!