Day 271 – ITALY: From Seregno to just past Castano Primo

I left Shirley and Yuri’s wonderful abode at about 2pm with a nice little 10 minute powerpoint presentation nestled safely in my USB memory stick. Thank you again to Shirley and Yuri for letting me take over their computer for a day!

Oh, and Shirley makes some mean Japanese cuisine. The tofu was awesome.

Tofu prepared by Shirley in Seregno, Italy

I headed from Seregno towards Legnano. The general mission for today was to buy stuff. A regular shopping spree. My big break came when I spied a big shopping mall near Legnano. Bought some togs (not ‘man skins‘), some new trousers and a t-shirt, and some rubber shoe things for walking in the water.

All in the name of summer camp counsellor work, due to begin on the 29th of April. After surviving for 8 months with only one set of clothing (the set that I wear every single day), I figured it was time to splash out and get a second set.

After all action, I was hungry. As hungry as a wasp…

A wasp chowing down on something outside mall near Legnano, Italy

I chowed down like a hungry school boy on the bread rolls and boiled eggs and other goodies that Shirley had ever so very kindly prepared for me this morning.

The shopping spree took most of the afternoon, so when I finally emerged from the extra-sensory abuse that was the mall, I rode off after the quick meal in a daze into the fading sun towards Castano Primo, a small town in the general direction of the Ticino River.

Bridge in Castano Primo, Italy

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4 thoughts on “Day 271 – ITALY: From Seregno to just past Castano Primo

  • Mum

    One set of clothes, huh? It's a wonder they are still in one piece! But I forgot. They didn't get much cleaning – maybe it's all the dirt that's holding them together! And the smell?

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Mum, my trousers and my undies are the only things to have suffered much. But my trousers are now being fixed by the mother of the wife of the couple I am staying with at the moment. Should still be able to get some life out of them yet!