Day 334 – SWITZERLAND: Sheltering in Bern

Ah, rain rain go away. It has been raining non-stop today here in Bern, so my grand plans to get out into the city were thwarted. Instead, I played around with Patricia’s Mac computer and made a wee video clip…

Video on Youtube

Here’s to hoping the weather sorts itself out for departure towards Luzern tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Day 334 – SWITZERLAND: Sheltering in Bern

  • carl w.

    Still bonkers but then it adds a new dimension, when you finally arrive in UK you probably need to change to a canoe as it's tipping down here and has been for about a week.

    regards from Darkest Surrey

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    Good to see some "live" video of you again. I guess that resistance to inclement weather is one advantage that the bike has over the board. Hopefully sunnier days are ahead for you.

    I was digging the music in your video too. Care to share the source?

  • Mark


    Great to see another RollRolls rider! I got mine in Sydney last year also inspired by Dave Cornthwaite.

    A couple of tech points, Try using grease instead of skate lube in your bearings- I doubt it would slow you down much and be more waterproof. Also have you considered the larger 150mm rollsrolls wheels. I have these on mine and find they roll over anything – that is on my long journeys to the local shops….

    All the best