Day 337 – SWITZERLAND: Hanging out in Basel

Adventure logistics was the name of the game today, and what a successful day it was.

I had fun with Randall’s computer, putting together a couple of video clips of the last few days. After lunch I headed out into town to find some grease to overhaul my bearings with, and to find out about GPS units.

Markus, a regular visitor to this website, and a valuable source of tips and advice as I travel, advised that Garmin GPS may be difficult to find in southern Germany. Therefore I took his advice and had a look in Basel. Randall suggested going to Transa, an outdoor and bicycle shop chain. The bicycle section happily supplied me with the grease I needed, and the outdoor section happily supplied me with a Garmin Gecko 201 handheld GPS unit.

I walked out of the store without paying a thing. Thank you Transa Travel, Outdoor & Bike in Basel for your kind support of my journey. I will now be able to extend the lifetime of the bearings on my skateboard, and most importantly keep an accurate track of my distance, speed, and other important data.

The Garmin Gecko 201 GPS unit will give me accurate average speed tracking with a function that gives me an average speed for only the time I am moving. Just what I required. Also, accurate GPS tracking of my distance will be important once I get to North America to begin my world record attempt at the long distance sateboarding world record.

Bearing overhaul complete in Basel, Switzerland

So with squeaky clean bearings and a new GPS, I am ready to hit the road once again tomorrow and head into Germany.

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9 thoughts on “Day 337 – SWITZERLAND: Hanging out in Basel

  • Michael

    I started reading this as a fellow recumbent rider and was at first disappointed to see that you'd switched to a skateboard. But I must admit, it seems I'm more hooked (i.e. jealous) on your travels and adventures than your mode of transport.

    Someone's going to need to change the homepage of the website to include the outline of a skateboard soon.

    Have you thought about an actual brake for the board?

  • Peter

    I also got to know Robert because of a recumbent bike. We cycled together through Slovenia.

    His site was very interesting before this transport change, but now it is even more with this new type of transport. 🙂 I really look forward to new posts and your journey over North America.

  • Tulip

    Haya handsome Weka,

    Wauw, I never expected you to travel with this speed: Basel! If you keep this up we should be able to meet in Katwijk before I head home to Anzere.

    Finding life in the office Monday to Friday quite hard again. Especially being chained behind the computer screen most of the day doesn't seem to agree with me much. Longing for the time at camp, being outside all day. I'm confiniently forgetting about the 40+ kids running around with us.

    Let me know if you need acommodation closer to Holland, I know some people along your route, from Cologne to the coast.

    Take care & Big KISS!

    Tulip (Sandra)

  • Scott

    Hey, Rob: Your adventure keeps us all going–excellent! I depart for the Oregon coast tomorrow. I leave for Maine on Aug.7th for my big ride. Perhaps we'll cross paths.

    I'm curious, how will you deal with some of the nasty roads/pavement we have here in the states? I've seen some skateboards that have pneumatic tires and thought that would be ideal for you–heavier, of course–so there's that trade off.

    Best of luck!


  • Murdo


    How often will you need to do your bearings? You have only been going a week or it a regular thing?

    How did you manage to get that GPS for free?? Amazing! haha

  • Murdo

    Hey again Rob,

    Just watched some of your vids, it is just amazing the speed you seem to generate on the flat. What exactly are u using to hold the camera out in front / side / above etc??

    That sheet you use is awesome, you looked like batman when you opened it up!! haha

    Oh yeah, what are you using to create that "Tunnel" view from your camera? It is cool

  • Dirk Fernengel

    Hey Rob,

    Ich hoffe du hast dich schon mit dem Garmin GPS angefreundet. Dein Skateboard ist auch wieder fit für die nächsten x-miles.

    Noch einen schönen Trip bis England and

    we see us on the next time in Basel.


    from the Transa Crew Basel-Bike