Day 348 – GERMANY: From Lorch to Koplenz

No data for today – dead batteries on GPS

Sleep was not good last night. I had chosen a spot next to the railway that runs along the side of the Rhine River – not a good idea. Trains come in about half hour intervals. Heavy, noisy trains that shake the ground and your eardrums.

I stopped at a Lidl – a discount supermarket chain in Europe – and bought some heavy Rogenbrot bread for breakfast. I noticed this little fella hiding in a corner on a nearby wall in the open.

A bat rests near Lorchhausen, Germany

Currently I have two sets of rechargable batteries for my GPS unit. One set tends to last about one and a half days of skating. It looks as though I will have to get myself another couple of sets to last between recharges. I missed out on about 30km of data today because of the inability to find a spot to recharge the batteries.

Despite the lack of data however, my camera was still going strong. I tried to capture the immense size of the Rhine River at this point in its journey to the North Sea. Bridges are becoming more and more scarce as the breadth of the river increases.

Rhine river near Wiesbaden, Germany

At Koblenz the surrounding area becomes flat again, however from Mainz, most of the way the river cuts through low hills, most covered with vineyards.

The Rhine river near Lorch, Germany

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