Day 357 – THE NETHERLANDS: Chilling in Vlissingen

A relaxing day here at the Harwig’s place, updating the website, and in the evening going for a walk on the beach in the strong wind.

With Wim Harwig and his family - the recumbent specialist in Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Dinner was a simple but delicious dish consisting of lettuce, potato, and a big dollopping of buttermilk sauce with bacon on top. A Dutch staple, apparently. Jolly good.

Buttermilk Sauce on lettuce and potatoes - a Dutch staple eaten in Vlissingen, The Netherlands

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8 thoughts on “Day 357 – THE NETHERLANDS: Chilling in Vlissingen

  • Ruosi

    Heya dear Rob,

    How you doing part from blisters…miss you down here, sorry I haven't been a great friend tracking your journeys closely, Mike (Chernishove, and he's having a baby!!!) told me your switched to a skateboard so I'm here to peepkaboo and found that you are already so far ahead than my imagination…Dude, you are so admirable!

    Wish your spirit is up along the way and our prayers always be with you, bro.


  • Aunty Lyn

    Rob you claim you have been on the road for just over a year now. On my calendar a year is 365 days and according to your numbering here you are only on day 357. How does that work????

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Good point, Karen. I have been meaning to put a link to day one on the front page for a while now, and change things around so that people can easily read one post at a time. Can't access my server at the moment, so that'll have to wait till another day, but here is the link to my blog page with day one:

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Aunty Lyn, I left Japan on the 22nd of July, 2006, according to the stamp in my passport. Therefore, it looks as though I have messed up the day counting somewhere along the track.

  • Daniel N. Lang

    Hey, I stumbled upon the .citycycling magazine (issue 25) on a path I don't know any more and found a picture of Wim Harwig over there! Greetings to Wim for getting featured in that great piece of cycling culture and funny how small the world is 🙂

  • Jean

    It's true! Rob is an alien (or something)! Did you notice your internal glow is escaping through your jacket zip? (Top photo) Must get better glow shield…