Day 372 – THE NETHERLANDS: More relaxing times at the Harwig’s

Well I contacted the maker of the skateboard I am riding today in the hope that they could give me some clues as to whether these cracks in the deck could pose problems in the future…

Cracks in the Rollsrolls skateboard deck (Vlissingen, The Netherlands)

Not too pretty, and a little disconcerting. The reply came quick from founder and engineer/craftsman Peter – a reply by email the very same day. The loads that I am putting the board under (about 90kg all up with me and my lugguage) are not overload. The cracks are in the most stressed part of the board, but if neccessary it looks as though Rolls Rolls will replace the deck.

So, I will keep my eyes on the cracks over the next few days and see what happens.

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6 thoughts on “Day 372 – THE NETHERLANDS: More relaxing times at the Harwig’s

  • carl w.

    does not look all that clever, bloody lucky I know ZERO, zip, nada, nichts, nichi nichi about skateboards… as I might embarress myself about my lack of understanding.

    It's glass fibre or carbon fibre? surely the rest will hold it together? It's the nature of the beast? Or am I being thick?

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    @ Carl – I know just as much as you do about skateboards, Carl. But this one is a kevlar and carbon composite. Tough as guts usually, but something has gone wrong in this one, it seems.

  • falling_james

    Looks like a weave of carbon fiber and kevlar. some folks think it really is a good composite, particularly true if layers are used biased to each other…. however, other folks tend to prefer keeping the materials on seperate layers, etc.

    Anyway, cracks – particularrly on the mould side, are not good. What is good, is the company and the position they are in… and that they are willing to assit any replacement, should the need arise.

    Ultimitly, you have already made an amazing journey, regardles of material issues… or perhas better wording: the material world, bike/board, tent/bivi, carbon/kevlar… has been such a small factor in a very large endevor. A mere crack, er, bump in the road.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    @ Falling James – Very interesting website you have there. I must read more of it when I get the time. Interesting about your experiences with Parmesan cheese. When I had it in Italy, I tried keeping it sealed in plastic wrap, but of course it sweated so much that I thought it had gone off. Now I know that I should have just left it to dry out!