Day 394 – CANARY ISLANDS: Bobbing in the marina

“At least there’s less dog shit here. France is dog shit central.” – Skipper Steve Dewhurst lamenting about too many drunk British tourists in Las Americas, Tenerife.

We were hoping to head out today. However a quick check of the weather maps showed little improvement on the wind situation. Skipper Steve decided to wait it out another day.

Typical architecture in Tenerife, Canary Islands

I have been all but confined to the small area around San Miguel marina for the last few days, so I have had little chance to see the sights of this interesting island, Tenerife. Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands, belonging to Spain. hey are however, closer to the north west coast of Africa. The architecture is positively Spanish mind you.

The island is volcanic. The highest point is at the top of the volcano at 3,600m. Beaches are black volanic sand.

Vegetation on Tenerife, Canary Islands

The plan for tomorrow is to leave, regardless of the wind. Better to bob out in the ocean than in this marina, Steve says. So hopefully this will be my last update for a few weeks. The crossing is scheduled to take 21 days give or take. That means that I should be back in email contact by around the 15th of September. See you on the other side.

Or perhaps we should hijack the tourist submarine here in the marina. Perhaps then we could forget the wind…

Tourist attraction - a real yellow submarine - in San Miguel, Tenefire, Canary Islands

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6 thoughts on “Day 394 – CANARY ISLANDS: Bobbing in the marina

  • Aunty Jenny

    Awesome fun for you! Steve sounds like a really

    hard case guy. Hope you don't get seasick. What a luxury being on a cat for 21 days, though i don't think I would enjoy the toothbrush cleaning!

  • Lo-IQ

    sorry I missed you was having fun in Russia on my motorbike, just got back from all the fun (hassle, breakdown and gernal grief perhaps I should have skated there.)

    Anyway old bean hope all goes fine and dandy, all the best from darkest surrey.



  • Bubbles (eric)

    make sure you try to get ahold of Rick (chimp) when you land in Florida. He will be stationed in Tampa Bay, a quality man to look up.

    Good Luck on the sailing


  • Lo-IQ

    Just had another look on the old boat thingy, but it crashed… ??? anyway.

    I would have thought you should be able to see the Columbus light house in the DR. It's massive.. It should by rights be in your left side… as your driving, drifting, moving, sailing along.