Day 393 – CANARY ISLANDS: Lazy Sunday

“Quick! Look rich!” – Skipper Steve Dewhurst upon seeing tourists looking at the yacht in the marina.

“I’ll be buggered if I’m going to go out there today!” said Steve when he climbed out of his berth this morning.

The wind was blowing from the south this morning. And less than a wind, a breeze. No use in going out from the marina to do 40 miles a day into the wind for four days, when we can wait four days for a good wind and do 200 miles on that first day.

Good logic. So depending on the wind, we may set off tomorrow.

Mast (San Miguel, Tenerife, Canary Islands)

We managed to pick up a wireless internet connection from somewhere today. That means that I have been able to update the website. Happy days.

Just a reminder that once we are under way, the yacht can be tracked via our GPS tracking system at a website called Yacht Control. Once at the front page of this website, login with the following details:

Username: u_CAT008
Password: WHALE

The capitals do matter.

Once logged in, you can see our position, indicated by a catamaran graphic. Cool, aye. You can zoom in and out using the panel at the left of the screen.

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3 thoughts on “Day 393 – CANARY ISLANDS: Lazy Sunday

  • Calvin

    Hey mate

    I have spent something of a rather chilly Sunday Argentinean afternoon catching up on your antics that I have missed while over here.

    It has been said before but you are an inspiration.

    Should you arrive in Mexico and decide on a whim to continue to the south?? you might want to consider something resembling a mountain board. Roads can be good in some countries but more closely resemble obstacle courses in others (think rocks, boulders, lahars, landslides and potholes that would swallow an elephant). On the plus there would be some serriously cool downhill sections 🙂 Maybe you can get a board which lets you change the wheels depending on the conditions. Of course there are a few other things to consider that make it a tad risky but you seem to be handling it ok so far.

    bueno viaje

  • Lee


    Dude, my phone died so I couldn't get your site address and check out your travels… but your name link goes somewhere weird. Cool to hear where you are though. Pity it's chilly.

    Rob, awesome to hear you got a ride (and a job). May your invincibility continue, and also the goodness with your crew-mates (or whatever they're called). Eggshells on deck would be not much fun when you're all stuck with each other for a good while in close quarters.