Day 397 – THE ATLANTIC (Day 3): On Hiero Island in the Canary Islands

No sailing today, just maintenance.

After some discussions with people in the know about the new electric engines in the boat, Steve set about making some modifications to fix the problems we were having.

Still clearly adamant that heads should roll at Lagoon Catamarans for the malfunctions he has encountered on the Lagoon 420 catamarans (he had similar issues with another boat that eventually had to be abandoned on one of the more northern Canary Islands), Steve decided that the way forward was to set up soem additional cooling fans in the engine compartment of the port side motor, assuming that overheating was the cause of the problems.

Two 12volt fans were promptly cannabalised from the saloon.


These were spliced to a 12 volt power source (waste water pump) and set up in the engine compartment. One directed straight at the port side motor, and another directed towards the port side CPU (engine controller).


Time will tell whether this hack will fix the problem, but with the navigation lights fixed also, it was a rather sucessful day.

That was, of course, until the local ATM machine ate Steve’s credit card. “I’m sorry, Senhor, bank officials will not be able to get here for at least four days,” said the shop owner next door.

Luckily I had some Euros in cash on me, so we were able to pay the marina for the two days we would stay there – 62 Euros for two nights. So no credit card for Steve and Ellie!

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