Day 398 – THE ATLANTIC (Day 4): Supersticious?

“It’s not that we’re overly supersticious, but it’s just that we have never left on a Friday before” said Ellie delicately this morning.

Fair enough with me, I thought, and it was settled, wait it out another day to leave tomorrow. The weather maps were still showing not much wind to the south and west anyway.

This unscheduled day off gave us time however to make some last minute dashes into town with the help of Tony and Jan in their station wagon. They are living now in Tenerife, but are originally from the UK. They buy old houses (like, look, it’s only got three walls), renovate them (as in, rebuild them), and then sell them.


The capital of Hiero is a small town called Valverde. Here we were able to buy an extra gas bottle, an extra 150 litres of diesel, and some odds and ends.

Once back at the marina, we enjoyed a pleasant evening with Tony and Jan.


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