Day 713 – CHINA (GANSU): Biding time

I guess I should be out exporing the city. I’m not. I’m in an internet cafe watching streaming new release movies for free. How this works, I do not know, but it does. See if it works where you are:

Click on the ‘Play Movie’ button at the bottom of the movie you want to watch, then click on the text link in the second box at the left of the film graphic. It will have a number with some Chinese characters in the link, like this:


In fact, by clicking that link above, it might even play Battle for Haditha for you, which I have just started watching. You may need a special codec to view the movies, but I am viewing them on the Media Player Classic.

I’d be interested to know if you can watch them overseas, and if so, how the heck they get around copyrite laws.

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6 thoughts on “Day 713 – CHINA (GANSU): Biding time

  • Keith

    I love Chinese streaming TV sites….. free English Premier Football – as long as you can put up with Chinese comentary and a 15 minute half time advertisement break full of ads for cigarettes and cars.

  • Dan

    Hi Rob,

    that URL wont work for anyone outside the cafe. The address is a 'private' address and not contactable from the outside. (In fact that address will be in use on other people's private networks). As for how it works, let's just say the movie studios really don't like it 😉

  • Big Bro Mark

    Yo Rob – I think you will find that it is quite easy to get around copyright laws in China – you simply ignore them! – After all, what's the rest of the world going to do about it? Stop buying chinese goods? Pass trade sanctions? Invade? I don't think so.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Big Bro Mark, yes…I see your point. The boom the cameras are hanging off are probably produced in China…