Day 743 – CHINA (QINGHAI): Video update from the Qinghai Detour

Righto, to complement the recent batch of photos and stories, here is the action from the wee Qinghai Detour in technicolour! Watch it on Youtube here
(, or on Vimeo below.

I apologise for the dramatic start…I was watching Andromeda on the internet cafe’s internal movie server ( while I was editing the footage…

Compare this video with the last one from Xinjiang and Gansu. Such stark differences in environment!

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12 thoughts on “Day 743 – CHINA (QINGHAI): Video update from the Qinghai Detour

  • matt windsor

    hey rob,

    absolutely loved your "off-the-beaten-track" track adventure at the moment. Something that really made me laugh was the your comment of the monks getting their robes caught in your skateboard wheels, haha, that image is going to stick in my mind for the rest of the day!

  • Aunty Les

    I wonder if that sausage is a bit like black or white pudding. We used to eat such as children when Granddad worked in a small goods factory. I can remember liking them.

  • malcolm

    solid updates rob. Loved it. havent got he vid don yet but i'm sure it'll be entertaining too. it's officially the end of summer here. I think I missed it. the t-ibet stuff is very cool. and the hawk photo. anyway.. I'm off to find yo on google earth – the new version has a flight sim mode. crazy. anyway. maybe catchyo online this week as I have a week off. have a good one.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Matt, yeah it was great getting off the main road for a bit. That's the problem with a skateboard…too much traveling on sealed roads near civilisation! From here it is well and truely into civilisation though. The east of China is going to be mad.

  • Luka

    An awesome video update – as usual. Enjoyed it very much first thing at work in the morning 🙂 As a cyclist who's cycled across western Tibet I give you great respect! Keep up with the challenge and don't let it bring you down!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Luka…the only thing that gets me down is having to travel through overly-populated areas. Eastern China is going to be tough! High altitude, remote traveling is what energises me!

  • Scott

    Great update, Rob! Your facility with languages is awesome. Did you study Chinese before setting out, or did you just "pick it up" (?!) on the way? I try to imagine myself in those settings, and I'd be a gibbering idiot!

    I guess your next adventure–besides the difficult adjustment to "civilian" life as I call it–will be on foot or bike, eh?

    Keep on sluggin' away, mate.


  • Marija

    Read. Impressed. You are pushing the standard of boarding to totally new level.

    Would be interesting to see how the place, Xining and Qinghai change in two years…(One new thing – now there is Hostel.:)

    Roll, roll, good.

  • Eoin

    hey rob

    fantastic update – i particularly liked the sausage making / tasting episode!

    just reading your blog and watching your videos makes me want to head out on an adventure somewhere.

  • Steve Ruelle

    Great updates Rob! Your recent posts and video inspired me to tackle a 3 day mountain grind through northern Laos on a bike, when I had almost given up.