Day 755 – CHINA (SHAANXI): Gear Reviews

Long overdue, I spent a rainy day here in Xi’an inside the hostel lobby using the free internet to write up some reviews of the gear that I have used over the last few years. If there’s anything in my kit lists that you would like to hear my opinion of that is not included in the reviews, then please let me know and I’ll sort it out.

Gear That Worked
Gear That Didn’t Work

My kit-lists:

Skating kit-list
Cycling kit-list


  1. Rob,

    We are still cheering you on from Okinawa. What an inspirational guy you are. I think from here on out you could make a living as a motivational speaker, your all set. Way to go,

    Tom and Shirley Smith

  2. I completely disagree. Perhaps it is the design and not the utility at fault here…

    Check this link to see for yourself!

  3. Hi Rob, interesting reviews… I've just been researching options for carrying babies on tramps and came across Bivouac's website. Bivouac is currently looking for people to have links on their websites and receive royalties for referals, if you are interested.


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