Day 769 – CHINA (HENAN): From Xixia to Nanyang

Today’s distance / ???????: 67.1 miles / 108km
Average speed / ????: 9.3mph / 15km/h
Time on skateboard / ????: 7h 11m
Total skateboarding distance to date / ????????????: 6479mi plus 386mi (?) / 10,427km plus 622km (?)
Ascent / ??: 410m
Descent / ??: 495m
End-of-day GPS coordinates: N33°00′57.6″, E112°24′53.5″

A tired start to the day, but things livened up a little with the most chickens I have ever seen in one place…this kid obviously prided herself on being the master of the chooks, happily jumping into the enclosure and terrorising the poor birds.

Chicken terrorist near Xixia, Henan Province, China

Chicken terrorist near Xixia, Henan Province, China Chicken terrorist near Xixia, Henan Province, China

I tried hard to keep a grimace off my face as I watched distressed birds being forcefully shoved into small transport cages. These little packages of meat on legs are treated just as that.

Another interesting thing that I have noticed on a few occassions here in China are the horribly graphic posters outside some Traffic Police stations. These large posters show actual photos of dead people, with all sort of horrific injuries. Blood and guts, all on display. Don’t be dumb on the roads, or you’ll end up like these people. I guess that’s the message. Sometimes the injuries are censored with pixelation, sometimes now. Beware, if you click on the photo below, you’ll get the bigger version.

Outside traffic police station near Xixia, Henan Province, China

Despite the early morning drowziness, time flew by in the afternoon, with a great long centrury to finish with. I began to feel the pull of Shanghai however. I just want to be done with this country now. I have been here too long, and the bureaucrazies have not made it any easier.

The people continued to be wonderful however. I stopped at a small restaurant/inn for dinner, and propmtly a group of four guys sat down at my table. They were not the usual big drinkers that I have come to despise in China, and we had a very pleasant meal together. They paid for the lot, and my bill for the night at the inn!

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