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20 thoughts on “Day 806 – CHINA (SHANGHAI): Interview with Lost Laowai

  • Katey B

    Hey there,

    was going to say exactly the same as Wim. (Now I'm wondering who came up with that phrase 'world famous in NZ' and why it's stuck in our brains.)

    Anyway, the path has been paved and you're surely to get a true-blue Kiwi welcome wherever you go in Godzone. I wonder what form it will take? Free hokey pokey/mince pies/lamb and honey? LOL.

    Again all the best for your trip down the length of the country.


  • daisy

    That picture was on the main page on Stuff when I checked it at work this afternoon. My first thought was 'oh, it's Rob.' My second was 'hey! It's Rob! On Stuff! Woo!' I'm so proud you're my cousin.

  • JHD

    Way to go ROB!

    have a beer or three to celebrate your achievement.

    enjoy the road back to NZ and I 'll see you next time you stop by Japan


  • Aunty Les

    Good interview, Rob. I think there was something on the National News here in NZ around 9am. One of the Medical Centre nurses heard an advert for it on her car radio just as she arrived at work this morning. Unfortunately I was busy seeing patients by that time!

  • Eoin

    …so when are you coming back to work at APU? I hear there might be a position opening up in the Network Office 🙂 There are also at least 4 of us cycling in now!

  • Carl

    are you still there, my god how big is china! I thought your where about done and getting on a plane to go back to NZ. Job over? Get Advance, Write book, Retire, It's a carrot, Life's mighty sweet-o….

    Seems your not totally done yet…. DOH..!

  • Aunty Les

    You're world famous in Christchurch, Rob. There was a small article abut you in the ChCh Press today and with the photo of you skateboarding under the Welcome to Shanghai sign. Also, you're world famous in Australia. I arrived home late this evening to find as message on the phone from Chrisy, from some Australian morning TV show wanting to get hold of the 'world record skateboarder, Mr Robert Thomson, who's skated round the world.' I phoned back the number she gave but she was no longer there. If you have access to a phone when you get to NZ you might like to try phoning her yourself on 0061 2 877 777 506.

  • neil

    Like your other Kiwi followers i just popped in to say how famous you are… From Kaitaia to Bluff, there's People dancing in the streets chanting Go Rob! Go Rob! Go!

    Well, perhaps not, but we let out a cheer! "Well Done" doesn't come close mate. We should invent a new word… I mean the Greeks did for Odysseus. In years to come, kiwi kids will finish school and then go on their Thomson.

    LOL. All the best mate. See you soon for a cold one. N.

  • Anna

    Rob you were on the main news tonight! You are now officially a celebrity in NZ 🙂 Welcome back to NZ dude – I hope you make the most of your well deserved rest

  • Leigh Hunt

    Welcome back Rob – saw you on the TV3 news a few minutes ago – good to know you've got home safely – take it easy over the next few days/weeks, and enjoy your time with friends and loved ones!

    You're an inspiration!

  • william

    Hi Rob

    Just to let you know you made the Otago Daily Times also this week. Must admit I haven't followed your most recent adventures. I was left in the doldrums when you started your sailing interlude (it was the recumbent that captured my interest originally). Since then I've concentrated on writing up my own jaunt through Japan. Doing something similar would keep you nicely occupied, I would imagine. The paper says you plan to cycle down from Auckland to Christchurch. If you felt inclined and decided to carry on to Dunedin, let me know. Or I could cycle up? Hmm . . . Wanderlust, ne?

  • Rene

    Rob, you are a rock star in our book. Your determination, ambition and drive is so incredibly inspiring, and we are so happy you achieved your goals, congrats. We hope you'll keep on journeying and sharing your adventures with the world, for it inspires us to keep on doing the same with ours. Thank you.