Day One – Fukuoka (Japan) to Pusan (Korea) (English summary)

Distance / 走行距離:7.75km
Time on bike / 走行時間:35分58秒
Average speed / 平均速度:13.0km/h
Total distance / 現在までの積算距離:7.75km

Summary: Tired, staying at small backpackers (see link below) in Pusan.

  • 日本を離れることについて
  • 旅をはじめることについて

Dinner with Christine, a French traveller staying at the same dinky hostel as me / 僕と同じホステルで泊まっていた、クリステーんさんというフランス人の女性。

とはいえ、その緊張感や不安にもかかわらず、一日目はうまく行きました。プサンのフェリー乗り場で日本語をしゃべってくれる案内所があって、そこで泊まるところを聞いたところ、現在は「Blue Backpackers Hostel」というユースホステルにいます。マンションの18階のアパートがホステルに改造されていて、とても狭いところですけど、2泊泊まることにしました。


Japan / 日本

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8 thoughts on “Day One – Fukuoka (Japan) to Pusan (Korea) (English summary)

  • Daniel

    Maybe it would be wise not to show this Japan flag when cycling through China?

    Good luck and enough energy in your feet for the coming stages.

  • Mum

    Sounds like you will enjoy the wide open spaces of Central Asia!

    Can you use your laptop while travelling? I was thinking that if you still had the Nelson Bible study programme on it you could hace a read of the bible thru that each day. i guess I'm trying to encourage you to make sure you keep up your relationship with God! You may get a message from Wnedy some time – wife of our Senior Pastor

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Daniel, you may be right about not showing the Japanese flag in China. However, a Japanese cyclist whose blog I am following cycled through most of China recently with both the Japanese flag and Chinese flag flying beside each other at the back of his bike. He found that he came up against very little opposition. His conclusion was that the media over-stresses the anger towards Japan by the Chinese people.