Day Eleven – From Yingin to Seoul (English summary)

Today’s Distance / 今日の走行距離:about 65km

English Summary: I be in Seoul. Now get me out of here! Big hot city. All of the crazy big city bad feelings were made up for however by the fantastic hospitality of Mark and Unhey (please correct me on the spelling of your name, Unhey!). They put me up for a night in their wonderful home in a quiet neigbourhood just out of Seoul. Mark is a fellow recumbent rider who made a few posts on my Korea page. You guys are legendary!


Made it to Seoul / ソウルに到着だ


Real American Barbie / 本物のアメリカのBBQ

Rob, Fire, Mark, and Mun-hey

Cycle paths in Seoul / ソウルのサイクル道

Actionbent / Actionbentというリカンベント

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3 thoughts on “Day Eleven – From Yingin to Seoul (English summary)

  • Jim Gagnepain


    Sounds like your trip is going well. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself. I visit your website once in a while to track your progress. Keep plugging. I've been doing some touring around the Colorado area. Unfortunately, my job limits these activities somewhat. I went from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs last week, with all my camping gear. I really enjoyed it. In a couple weeks, I may be doing a Granby-Walden tour. Take care.


    BTW, my wife grew up in Japan.

  • Andrew

    The trick to making a gas cooker into a real barbie is to get healthy as sausages, and drip the fat onto the gas burner. Fun and games!!! Flames, and charcoal coated food is what it's all about!