Day Twelve – Seoul

No pictures today so far. But plenty of excitement. I found out that not only was the information regarding the Incheon – Tianjin ferry that I had is four years old and is no longer valid, but that particular ferry is booked out until the 11th of August. May have to think of a different way to get to China. Maybe catch a ferry to Dalian and then catch a ferry to Tianjin from there. In any case, will bike to the ferry terminal tomorrow to see if I can make some sense of it all.

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14 thoughts on “Day Twelve – Seoul

  • wim harwig

    Hello Rob,

    I found out your trip on Flickr and I am reading your log.

    Keep on biking as you do and see what live lets you see. It comes as it comes, just experience.

    And keep writing in your log, because I enjoy it very much !



  • Chris J

    Hang in there Rob, you will make it to China one way or another.

    Jyu-san really seemed to appreciate your telephone call to APU.

    Take care!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Malcolm, since my bike is made from aluminium, and aluminium is very light, I figure I could just float across. Aluminium floats, right? I mean, they make dingies out of it…

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Wim, I see in your website address the word "Zeeland". Could it be that you are from the Zeeland in the Netherlands that New Zealand was named after?

  • Jenny

    Hey Rob

    I'm most impressed with your organisation skills! How are you finding the lanuage difference in Korea? The country-side looks quite a lot like some of your mum and dads' photos from Japan. How did you manage to get so many sponsers? I would be terrified to do a trip like that, but what a fantastic experience, so go you!!

    Love Aunty Jen

  • Jenny

    Hey Rob

    Now that you are so fit with biking, maybe you could swim to China?!!! Better than taking a slow boat!

    Hope you don't have too long a delay getting there, but make the most of your time while you wait.

    Love Aunty Jen

  • Uncle Peter

    What a fantastic adventure you are on. You need to find a way to get across water on your bike without the aid of non-existent ferries eh?

    I enjoyed the words Tim came up with!!

  • Lesley

    Hi Rob

    I got the atlas out to see where you were and see that you can't go north-west by road because of North Korea and west is sea so you haven't any options in how to get from where you are to China. I wouldn't have thought there would be so much traffic between Sth Korea and China! How big is the ferry and how long does the trip take? It's hard to get any sense of distance looking at a world map.

    Aunty Les

  • Aunty Les

    So, what's happened? Have you go across the water yet? Perhaps you'll have to turn your bike into a paddle boat!

    I've got the probable total cost of our new house, which will be $345,000. it could be cheaper if goo9d deals can be found for the various bits and pieces but still, it's a good price, especialyy when neither Nana or I have to worry about anything and jjust walk in when everything is completed.