Days 331 and 332 – SWITZERLAND: Galavanting in Fribourg

This weekend involved more cycling than it did skateboarding. On Sunday I had the pleasure of joining the Fribourg ProVelo group for a cycling tour around the area, checking out some of the ancient Roman remains near Lake Murten.

On a ride with ProVelo in Fribourg, Switzerland

A friend of Mirjam kindly lent me a bike for the day. It was one of those funny ones that most people ride. You know, the ones with the little seat that makes your bum go numb? But it was a great day out despite the saddle sores and thunderstorm that pelted down rain and electric bolts from the heavens just as Mirjam and I were beginning the 17km ride back to Fribourg.

Saturday was a great day outside also. Mirjam knows the area well, and we went for a walk through the amazing sandstone gorge that Fribourg has built itself around.

Near the river in Fribourg, Switzerland

Fribourg is a relatively small city. 30,000 inhabitants live in and around the area surrouding the old city. About 10,000 of those are university students.

Old town Fribourg, Switzerland

It was a great weekend spent with Mirjam (a great host). A big massive huge thankyou!

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2 thoughts on “Days 331 and 332 – SWITZERLAND: Galavanting in Fribourg

  • Bubbles (eric)

    glad to see you have a parachute now for the board. Plus great to hear about the helmet sponsorship. I guess you must have gotten some good advise from someone on how to land a deal like that.

    Minor glitch on calculating the lack of clearance you have when going down a sharp grade in the mountains. I saw that pic. Miss you already…but love following your journey…best of luck


  • Aunty Les

    Your bike arrived at our door step today, so that didn't take ling to get here. We could always send it back, although I think other members of the family are considering putting together and using it.