**** INCOMING ****

Just a quick update to let people know of my pending arrival in London:

  • Where:
    Trafalgar Square, London
    In front of the National Gallery, at the top of the steps that lead down to Nelson’s column. If you don’t know where that is, you’re not alone. Do as I will do – ask a native.
  • When:
    10am on Saturday August 4th, 2007.
    Note the change from 9am to 10am.

I will be in London on the night of the 3rd, staying with some friends who live on Kildare Walk, Limehouse. If anyone wants to come for a skate or bicycle ride from there to the Square on Saturday morning, then let me know either by email or comment on this post. Anyone who knows how to get from there to Trafalgar Square would be especially welcome :-) I will get back to you with a more exact meeting location for Saturday morning in Limehouse on Friday night.

Right now I am in the Colchester Public Library. The roads so far from Harwich have been OK; I have followed the cycle route 51. I have now finally changed some money, and will be buying a map so I can find my way to London. This country is a bit of a labarynth of roads.

The plan for London is to stay a week or so to get my extended tourist visa for the US sorted out. And then I will go home to NZ. Details of how I will be doing this will come later…

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8 thoughts on “**** INCOMING ****

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    Congratulations again on your amazing journey, and thanks again for sharing the adventure with us. If you are anywhere near Madison next year in Late May, early June perhaps we can have a small reunion?

    Sorry that I can't be there in London on Saturday.

  • Becki Mckinlay

    Hi Rob,

    Did you know your e-mail address is not working? it automatically rejects anything?

    Anyway… congratulations! You may not remember me, I e-mailed some time ago.

    I was on Dave Cornthwaites team gor both BoardFree UK and Australia.

    Just to let you know I will be travelling to London on Saturday to welcome you into trafalger square. Bev from the BoardFree team will be there too.

    Look forward to celebrating with you then.


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    About the email address…it's funny that people are getting a bounce back message. I am still getting all the emails. If all else fails, try emailing me at jollynut (at) gmail (dot) com. That should do the trick. Still trying to find my way to London. By far the most challenging navigation mission of my 12 months on the road.

  • Nana

    Did I read your blog correctly? You are coming home to NZ before you go to America? Will you be here on 1st of September for my 80th birthday party? Love it if you were. I have skited so much about this amazing grandson who has had this tremendous adventure, and I am not sure if people realise you actually do exist!!!

    Would be great to see you in the flesh before you disappear into the wilds of the USA.

  • Mum

    Notice many bikes around? There's your answer! I've never put 'cycle' and 'England' together. Perhaps if you found a way to skateboard the canals you might find things a bit more straight forward! Hope you manage to negotiate your way OK and get to Trafalgar Square to meet your blog pals.

  • Scott

    Yo, Rob: Today's the day. I'd so love to be there to cheer and shake your hand. Well done, mate. We get one shot at this life, and you're doing it right. You've inspired all of us. Yahoo, Rob!

    BTW, I'll probably pick up the Southern Tier route sometime in Nov. Let's keep tabs on each other as we slog across the USA and see if we can't share a camp or two. Maybe I could carry some water/food for you for a night or two. You'll be in the low, barren desert at that point in the journey–some wild country. You'll love it.

    Cheers and safe travels back home. Be good to that 80 yr old Nana!


  • carl w.

    ere bubba did you get to the square? am off to goodwood races tomorrow finish this job off want to see pictures justb worked out if I want to have a go this bike will now need to go NZ (crickey have you considered the darien gap?)

    bet you wish I never mentioned it…

    all the best C. aka Lo-IQ