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Day 330 - SWITZERLAND: Resting in Fribourg
June 30th, 2007 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー

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I spent the majority of today sleeping on the grass in parks around Fribourg.

Fribourg skyscape (Fribourg, Switzerland)

It was a good opportunity for a rest, as I was waiting for my wonderful host, Mirjam, to arrive back from work at 6:30pm. After yesterday’s big effort I was suitibly knackered. My muscles weren’t sore, but I was feeling understandibly stiff. I am much more committed to stretching now; if I didn’t, I think I’d tense up completely.

Energy in Fribourg, Switzerland

So I ate peanuts and watched children expertly dodge each other as they rode bicycles and scooters around the park. At 7pm I met Mirjam - an enthusiastic, open, and well-travelled woman who loves bicycles. Along with some other cycle enthusiasts in the city, she is involved in a new organisation called ‘Pro Velo’. Her organisation promotes the use of bicycles as part of one’s lifestyle.

“Forget the lycra and speedy fasionable bikes,” she says. “Ride your bike to work, to the grocery store. We like to encourage Fribourg to become a more bicycle-friendly place.”

My sentiments precicely. I was more than a little gutted that I wasn’t still riding my bike…

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