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6 thoughts on “slovenia

  • Aleksej Dolin&scaron

    Congratulations on this brave trip on recumbent!

    In Slovenia (capitol Ljubljana), I can arrange some sight-seeing, cheap places to eat and sleep.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,

    Aleksej Dolinšek


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Aleksej, thank you for your offer for arranging somethings in Slovenia. I will indeed try to contact you if my route does end up in Slovenia. Such is the nature of travelling by bicycle that you never know what my route will eventually become.

  • Peter


    Great website and a great tour! Aleksej told me about your website.

    I have recently started reselling recumbent bicycles in Slovenia and every such brave trip is a plus for our type of bicycles.

    You are very welcome to contact me as well if you stop by in Slovenia.

    Lots of interesting people on the way and as little 4H days as possible 😉

    Best regards from Slovenia,


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Peter, great to hear from a 'recumbenter' in Slovenia! I will be sure to let you know how my plans are panning out as I get closer to your country. All the best for your business – the more people riding recumbents the better, I say! At least then I won't be stared at so much… 😉

    Very resourceful website by the way. I am enjoying the many links you have there.

  • Peter

    Hello again,

    I just spoke to Stefano from Italy who is also a recumbent rider and he suggested we might ride some portion of your way together.

    Do you already have route planned through this part? If you would be interested I would be glad to join you and perhaps also invite two other recumbent cyclist here in Slovenia and we could ride along with you.

    Best regards,


    p.s.: thank you for your comment about my website. I tried to give as much info as possible for Slovene cyclists as there was not much available.

  • Luka

    Hi Rob, I just found your website via Peter's and I see that you'll be cycling just kilometers from my appartement in Logatec. You're most kindly invited to come over, you can sleep in our appartement and we can perhaps go for a daytrip around there. For 2 people it will be a little crowded but I'm sure you're well used to it 🙂

    Best regards, Luka and Manca