When Homeless Take Over The World

Did you know that there is a revolution happening right on your doorstep? It is here, and you need to be a part of it.

You    must    conform    to    the     cardboard    people

When Homeless Take Over The World

From the site:
Soon, in a time not far from now, things will change and the people of East Hastings will take the world back from their evil wealthy oppressors. It’s only a matter of time until a batch of dodgy meth genetically mutates the users into Super Humans. There will be blood shed and the once joyously used needles wasted, the spread of ‘the aids’ will be unstoppable. The only survivors of this horrible plague will be… the cardboard people. After years of suffering they will be immune to ‘the aids’, they will be the new rulers and cardboard will be our gold.
Prepare yourselves!!!!!!!
Live derelict, buy cardboard……….

When Homeless Take Over The World


  1. you're awesome bro, thanks heaps for the link, right now im at a party in vancouver and i was showing some people your site and the first thing i saw was a link to mine, haha, happy days, best of luck to ya mate.

    big love tofa

  2. Hey Rob,

    So glad to see updates. I think that HTML protector thingy was stopping me from posting too – since before day 130 at least.

    Des, loved your "I'm scruffy but harmless" line. Brilliant. Alternatively, Rob, you could try Calvin's old trick (from lovely Hargest days) of a simple "Sorry we're closed" sign. Rules are rules… maybe the officials will respect a sign. No business today. Sign says so.

    Glad to hear the food's better now too.

    Booked my tickets this morning for going to Mum and Dad's for the holidays. *So* looking forward to it, eh. But before that, my friend gets married (on Saturday – I'm the bridesmaid!) and my brother and his wife leave Christchurch. They're going to teach English in Korea for a year or two. Lots happening.

    Safety and hilarity and peace to you.


  3. Chris, I love the newest addition to your products. The cardboard light is pure class.

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