Hello from the Canary Islands. The yacht is amazing – I have a double berth all to myself including ensuite. Big stable catamaran. We depart on Sunday.

You can keep a track on where we are by logging onto the following website:

Access: Yacht Control
Username: u_CAT008
Password: WHALE

This shows our lastest midday GPS position.

I have sore arms due to lots of scrubbing today. Decks to be kept clean!

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5 thoughts on “YACHT TRACKING

  • Rick

    AMAZING!!! I have to see pictures of this boat! I cant wait until you get to the point where you cant see land anymore. I have always wanted to stand in the middle of the open sea and see the ocean wrap around me. Follow the albatross as you survive the hurricanes and storms chasing you. Just keep telling yourself this mantra over and over again, "the vomit is worth it."

  • Nana

    Wow, Rob. A bit different from sleeping under the stars in Eurasia, eh!! Make the most of it while you can. Do you get sea sick at all? I hope you don't take after me, because I was usually sick going across Foveaux Strait to Stewart Island.

    I really enjoyed talking to you last week.

    Have a good trip.

  • Aunty Les

    So you're now getting another lot of muscles exercised! I hope you're leg muscles don't get too wasted away while you're not using them much on the yacht.

  • Lo-IQ

    Wicked just like battleships had a look and your at 43.34 91N 23.0E there's just stacks of empty squares all around. Looks abit boring is there any cool stuff to look at? or is just water?

    Keep an eye out Icebergs, submerged containers, big fish and other floating S41T.


    from darkest surrey