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第151日目 - グルジアの首都、ティビリシ市(日本語要約)
December 20th, 2006 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー

日本語要約:犬に噛まれた。自転車が。カバンに穴をあけた。Crazy dog.Last night’s campsite was a good one. Overlooking T’Bilisi’s satellite city, Rust’Avi. A shepherd tending his flock of 400 (?!) sheep and goats wandered over and had a chat. Luckily he spoke Russian. I am finding that less and less people speak Russian here in Georgia. Especially the younger folk but also some of the older generation also.

Campsite overlooking Rust'Avi City, Georgia / ルスタアヴィ市の近く(グルジア)

On the way into T’Bilisi I met this cyclist going the other way. Passionate cylists are great. He is wearing a tank helmet and a visor.

Cyclist extroadinare, Rust'Avi, Georgia / 友達!(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

Got my first dog bite today. Well, my panniers did. That’s a hole in the rear right pannier. I suppose it’s better than a hole in my leg.

A dog put this hole in my panniers. Grrrr. T'Bilisi, Georgia / かばんが犬にかまれた(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

It did get me a little riled however, since the dog belonged to the petrol station that I was cycling past, and the attendants didn’t even bat an eyelid. The dog was jolly ferocious, and they did nothing. Maybe they get off on seeing their dog attack cyclists…

Well I guess that makes me a law breaker then - T'Bilisi, Georgia / だったら、僕は進めないんだよ〜(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

What's the difference between 'normal' and 'regular' anyway? T'Bilisi, Georgia / RegularとNormalの違いは何よ〜(グルジア、ティビリシ市)




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