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第192日目 - 黒海の荒し(日本語要約)
January 31st, 2007 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー, トルコ


Oh yeah, gimme some of that.

Black Sea coast looking towards Cide from Inebolu, Turkey

Gale force winds continue today. My little walk along the shores of the Black Sea this morning was a tough one. At times difficult to maintain balance, I decided that if it’s this tough just walking, that cycling would be impossible.

Horizontal snow followed soon after I shot the clips.


Oh well, looks like another day inside, eating.

By the way, a few people have asked me if I know why the Black Sea is called the Black Sea. I consulted Wikipedia, and it appears that there are a few possible reasons.

‘The motive for the name may be an ancient assignment of colors to the direction of the compass, black referring to the north, and red referring to the south.’

‘Another possible explanation comes from the color of the Black Sea’s deep waters. Being further north than the Mediterranean Sea and much less saline, the microalgae concentration is much more rich, hence the dark color. Visibility in the Black Sea is on average approximately five meters (5.5 yd), as compared to up to thirty-five meters (38 yd) in the Mediterranean.’



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お母さん、風がすごいよ。僕も日本の台風を思いだした。ロンドンまでどのくらいかな。3ヶ月?4ヶ月?今は前みたいに体の調子で遅くなるんじゃなくて、天気でペースが落ちそう。とにかく、 イスタンブルに着くのは3ヶ月間近く遅れるみたい。11月に簡単に到着すると思ったのは大間違いだったね。ハハハ。

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