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Day 239 - CROATIA: Gradac to Split
March 19th, 2007 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー

The day is not quite over yet, in fact it has just started as I sit here in the internet cafe in Makarska. I figure I should get to Split today. So just a quick update for today.

Satoshi recently asked how much things are here in Croatia. Here is a run down on the last few shopping sprees:

Oranges: 7.99 Kuna/kg (1.44 USD)
Bananas (seconds): 3.65 Kuna/kg (0.65 USD)
Walnuts : 59.99 Kuna/kg (10.35 USD)
Dried apricots: 34.99 Kuna/kg (6.30 USD)
125g box of Jaffa cakes: 5.99 Kuna (1 USD)
180g drinking yoghurt: 2.09 Kuna (0.37 USD)
600g fresh baked bread: 6.50 Kuna (1.17 USD)
Gouda cheese: 54.50 Kuna/kg (9.80 USD)
Dried ham salami (YUM!): 149 Kuna/kg (27 USD)
Chocolate pudding 200g: 2.70 Kuna (0.48 USD)

I haven’t been cooking pasta or other things lately, opting for bread and other ingredients for quick meals instead. This means that I am spending about 50 to 60 Kuna per day here in Croatia (about 7 Euro, or 10 USD) for food. My main costs after food, actualy, my only cost after food, is internet. The place I am at now is 24 Kuna (4.30 USD) an hour. I just have to accept it, but it’s hard after spending the last 7 months sometimes only paying 0.50 USD per hour!
The weather forecast for the coast is not good. 80% chance of rain for the next four days. Rain, rain, stay away…

Dark skies near Makarska, Croatia

For the time being however, things are looking good for today. I will make as much ground as I can while the weather is good.

Clouds don't dampen the beauty in Makarska, Croatia




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