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Day 270 - ITALY: Serengo
April 19th, 2007 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー

I have spent today sitting inside using Yuri and Shirley’s internet that they have kindly let me use. I have updated the last few days of cycling through Italy, with a few decent shots of churches…

There is something that I would really like some help on however. I am trying to put together a powerpoint presentation with some of the best photos of the trip so far. I am trying to choose at the most 50 photos (preferably less) that sum up the journey so far.

Here is what I have chosen after going through the 1,300 photos I have online:

(this link will take you to a special page with small images showing the photos I have chosen so far)

There are 97 photos here. But what a hard choice. I am trying to choose photos that do the following:

  • Move the viewer. Make them feel something strong inside.
  • Show life on the road.
  • Inspire.

For me, every single photo that I have uploaded during this trip moves me. For me, every photo has a story attached. But you can’t show 1,300 photos to an audience. They’d go home bored out of their chairs…

What photos have inspired or moved you? Even a vague description like “the one with the clouds and horses” will help.

Thank you!

Rob in Piazza Del Duomo, Milano, Italy


In other news, I was accepted by Village Camps to be a spring outdoor education camp counsellor this spring in Anzere, Switzerland. The location is near Lake Geneva. Therefore, the plan is to work with Village Camps over the spring and possibly summer, and then carry on to England once the contract at Village Camps is finished. I will still update this website once weekly with a weekly report during the camp period.

I start at Village Camps on the 29th of April. Till then, it’s all mountains! Bring on some tough climbing and fast downhills!

The Swiss Alps await…




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