Monthly Archives: June 2006

I was never too happy with the fact that viewing videos on my site required viewers to click on a link, and be taken to an outside site (Google Video). Therefore, I have changed things around a bit where the videos now open in a popup window, along with a […]

Pre-Departure (37 days): For video viewing pleasure

What trip to Beijing would be complete without some Peking Duck? That was the main dish tonight. My Japanese workmates were quite adamant that the skin was the most delicious part of the duck. A bit too rich for me… And for those who need to brush up on their […]

Pre-Departure (42 days): Peeking in on the duck carver

Those Chinese make a mean birthday cake. ‘Twas very good indeed. I dunno how my workmates found out that it was my birthday, but at dinner with some local school teachers, they got a cake made just for me…stoked. I will post a couple of pics to the site once […]

Pre-Departure (42 days): Tianjing, China

Yes folks, I am again in China, interviewing nervous high school kids to see if their English is up to par for studying at Asia Pacific University, my workplace. I had some time to take a wander this evening in Tianamen Square and the Imperial Palace. I realised that I am […]

Pre-Departure (43 days): I be in ‘da China

On a scale of cheap processed cheese to thick and creamy Swiss fondu, this video is dripping with fondu. I have made a video where I am describing the recumbent that I’ll be riding on this trip. It sounds more like an infomercial than anything else. But the goal of […]

Pre-Departure (50 days): New video