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February 26th, 2006 | categorizilation: all categories,website

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A small hill on the way to London has finally been surmounted. Rob has integrated his site into a content management software package called WordPress. The beauty of this, you see, is that when he needs to update or edit something on his website, all he needs to do is load 14degrees.org and login, and then edit the content of the page he needs to. No messing around with html code and what-not.

Things still needing Rob’s attention on the website are:

  • The photo gallery. There’s sure to be a nice ready to use plug in out there somewhere.
  • The unsightly ‘under construction’ pages. We’ll deal with those steadily.
  • The header photo. Make this a random picture so that it changes each time the page is re-loaded.
  • Colour scheme. Grey can be a bit gloomy sometimes. Only if there’s time.
  • A Japanese version of the ’14degrees off the beaten track’ graphic.
  • Make the margins in this white area a little bigger.
  • Make the comments section more distinct from the main post.

There are more, but I need sleep more than I need to keep typing.

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