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October 5th, 2006 | categorizilation: all categories,Tajikistan

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Distance / 距離: 56.40km
Time / 時間: 5h 08m
Average speed / 平均速度: 11.1km/h
Distance to date / 今日までの積算距離: 3409.6km

My homestay host for the last two days had given me rice pudding for breakfast. Great cycing breakfast. But today for some reason she made eggs. Three fried eggs dripping in oil. Not the greatest start to the day…

A checkpoint guard tries out the recumbent - near Murghab, Tajikistan / 軍人がリカンベントに乗る(タジキスタン、ムルガブ町)

I left Murghab late at 10:30am, and it felt good to be on the road after the two days of rest. Remembering that there was no water for the 60km or so leading up to Murghab, I filled about three litres into my water bag just in case there was none out of Murghab also. Two kids appeared while I was filtering the water, and they helpfully suggested that I simply dip the bag into the water rather than use ‘that silly pump’. Obviously they were not aware that ‘the silly pump’ was getting rid of nasties as it worked…

Cold weather towards Nayzatash Pass, Tajikistan / ナイザタシュ峠付近の冷たい風(タジキスタン)

At present I am camped just past Nayzatash Pass right next to the road. The wind had picked up in the evening (of course a headwind) so putting the tent up required some effort, especially considering that I needed to pitch it cross to the wind.

Chilly morning on Nayzatash Pass, Tajikistan / 冷たい朝(タジキスタン、ナイザタシュ峠)

I am looking forward to the downhill tomorrow!

Boom! Nayzatash Pass (4120m), Tajikistan / ナイザタシュ峠(標高4120m)、タジキスタン

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