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October 17th, 2006 | categorizilation: all categories,Tajikistan

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English Summary: The police beat up two guys last night on suspision of stealing my camera. They didn’t find the camera, so have decided to give me $300 as a guarantee until they find it. Once they find it, they will send it to me. Once I receive the camera, I send back the $300. I tried to explain the flaws in this plan, but no one understood. Went to a hot spring on the way home.





On the way up to Bibi Fatima hotspring in Yamchun, Tajikistan / ビビファチマ温泉へ登る途中(タジキスタン、ヤムチュン村)

Yamchun fortress, Tajikistan / ヤムチュン城、タジキスタン

Bibi Fatima hot spring at Yamchun, Tajikistan / ビビファチマ温泉(タジキスタン、ヤムチュン村)


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Comment by Aunty Jenny — October 30, 2006 @ 5:11 pm | post a comment

Far out Rob, you look like the wild man of Borneo!!! I can't believe how long your beard has grown! I was thinking how much you will find you have changed by the time you reach your destination. No one can go through the kind of stuff you have gone through and not be changed by it, and by that I mean emotionally and spiritually. Have you noticed that in yourself?

Comment by Rob Thomson — October 31, 2006 @ 1:50 am | post a comment

Aunty Jenny, I think that these challenges have given me much more confidence in my ability to perservere and to make sound decisions under pressure. As a person I don't think I've changed all that much. Much more aware of my limits perhaps…

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