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December 13th, 2006 | categorizilation: all categories,Azerbaijan

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Cold and grey day again today as I rode the flat lands of Azerbaijan. This road (the A343) has some revamped sections, but is mostly narrow and in bad condition, albiet sealed. Add to that very heavy traffic including many many old dump trucks, and you have a very dangerous road to be cycling on. Andy from the Baku Bicycle Club suggested that I keep my flashing rear light on all day while cycling in Azerbaijan. Fair enough too. Anything to make sure that these crazy drivers see me.

Fruit stalls along the A343 highway, Azerbaijan / アゼルバイジャンの343号線沿いの果物屋台

My impression of Azerbaijan drivers so far is that many of them don’t actually appreciate that they are driving on a road. It seems as though they are not actually aware of what they are doing, or realise that driving requires their full attention. Any distraction instantly seems to command their entire concentration. That is, me. Drivers will slow down on this busy, narrow highway with no thought that there might be other cars coming behind them. Or they will turn their heads to get a better look at my bike while they drive away. Their heads will stay turned for far longer than is safe…

So, I crossed the BTC Pipeline today. Jolly interesting, this pipeline. It goes for almost 2,000km. If only there was a maintenance road or something that I could ride along beside it. It would at least get me off this busy road.

104km point on the BTC Gas Pipeline, Azerbaijan / BTCパイプラインの104km時点(アゼルバイジャン)

Oh yeah, and why are there seashells all over these plains?

Seashells 100kms from the Caspian? How does that work? Near Navahi, Azerbaijan / どうして貝殻がここに?海から100km離れているのですが(アゼルバイジャン、ナヴァヒの近く)

Seashells 100kms from the Caspian? How does that work? Near Navahi, Azerbaijan / どうして貝殻がここに?海から100km離れているのですが(アゼルバイジャン、ナヴァヒの近く)

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Comment by Kevin — December 25, 2006 @ 7:36 am | post a comment

Snails! Those are snail shells, not sea shells. Though the creatures that make them are all mollusks, and so are related.

Those are some great pictures and stories… I'm truly enjoying following your trip. Keep up the good work, and best of luck.

And though your holiday season may be different from mine, I wish you and all of the other folks following your trip 'Happy Holidays', 'Happy New Year', and PEACE!

Comment by Rob Thomson — January 5, 2007 @ 6:03 am | post a comment

Kevin, glad to hear that someone knows what they're talking about. I thought that it was a little weird to have sea shells there…

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