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March 31st, 2007 | categorizilation: all categories,Slovenia

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Marko and Urska’s apartment was warm, comfortable and happy. Outside was cold, grey, and dull.

But the show must go on. Peter and I said our farewells, and headed out into the grey.

Thank out Urska and Marko! You are the best!

Peter and I soon warmed up on the limestone hills, and made our way forward. First stop was an unexpected caving mish.

Planina Cave, Slovenia

We were looking at the cave near Planina above (can you help me with the name, Peter?), when a two-man maintenance crew mentioned that they were going down to fix some lighting in the cave. Peter asked if we could come, and they said yes.

Cave maintenance near Planina, Slovenia

We walked to where two rivers meet (Peter, what were they called again?), and watched as the cavers did their thing.

On the road near Planina, Slovenia

Once on the road again, the next stop was Predjamski Grad, a castle built into the side of a cliff, recessed into a cave. History tells of a time when the castle was under siege, but the attackers couldn’t get access to the castle due to it’s position in the cave. So they adopted the strategy of guarding the entrance to the castle, so that no one could get out to get food. They thought that they would be able to starve the people out.

Predjamski Grad, Slovenia

What the attackers didn’t count on however was the fact that the cave into which the castle was built was connected to another smaller cave that went all the way through the hill to the other side of the mountain range. The occupants of the castle were able to get food into the castle undetected. The attackers soon gave up when the occupants had a seemingly bottomless supply of food.

After lunch at a nearby cafe, we headed towards our accommodation in Matavun, near the Škocjanske caves. We passed old churches…

Old church near Škocjanske caves, Slovenia

And lamented at the pitiful attempt at marking cycling routes. Is a cyclist cycling past at anything more than 5km/h supposed to see that arrow?! I’d have trouble seeing it if I was walking, let alone pedaling.

Microscopic bicycle route sign in Matavun, Slovenia

Logistics aside, we did make it to our warm accommodation, in time to eat a meal at the caves restaurant.

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Comment by Peter — April 4, 2007 @ 9:43 am | post a comment

Rivers Rak and Pivka join into Unec which flows over the Planina field (5km long) in length of 18km.

Best regards from Slovenia!


Comment by Lee — April 4, 2007 @ 12:39 pm | post a comment

Yeah, and what about colour-blind faster-than-a-speeding-snail cyclists, eh? Eh? Pffff. Some people.

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