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August 21st, 2007 | categorizilation: all categories,The Atlantic

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Distance sailed today: 88.2NM
Total distance sailed: 88.2NM
Midnight GPS position: N 27.38 W017.17
Wind: Variable to NNW 2-4 kt
Sea state: Slight
STOMACH STATE: Crook. Not feeling the urge to puke, but well and truely getting there.

We finally got away from Tenerife at 11:30am this morning after filling up with almost 600 extra litres of diesel. So much for the purity and environmentally friendly aspect of sailing, you might say…but this is a delivery. Getting the yacht to the destination is the goal here. With the diesel we have (about 1200 litres) we should be able to run the engines for about 8 days straight. This will give us a good buffer for if we get caught out with no wind at any stage during the trip.

Soon after leaving Tenerife, it was clear that there was not going to be much wind. The sea was choppy, the swell coming from all directions. This did not surprise Skipper Steve much – it was just as he had expected, but it was generally agreed that it was time to at least get out of Tenerife and see how things go.

So for most of the day we were motoring on diesel rather than using the wind, which was varying in it’s direction, and not very strong.

And to spice things up just a little, it is now midnight, and this is the current situation:

Still motoring, no running lights, port engine not drawing power, port engine making screeching bearing noise.

But hey, at least we saw some whales today…


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