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January 20th, 2008 | categorizilation: all categories,USA (LOUISIANA)

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I woke up on Saturday to heavy rain and wind. No the optimal skating weather by any means. It was an easy decision to hang out at Renee’s place for the day. The next day was a pre-Mardi Gras parade in the city, so it was an easy decision to stay Saturday night too.

I spent some of the morning on Saturday sweeping out the barn to keep warm and active.

Renee's barn in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Renee is a horse trainer, however she and her daughter Jaimie are in the throws of uprooting their life in Louisiana to return to their house and home in Florida. A once lively horse stable slowly got quieter as clients came and picked up their horses to move them to other locations.

A horse's eye view in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

It was evident that despite being happy to be heading back home to Florida, Renee and Jamie still felt the pain of closure at the farm, shedding tears as the horses left and once clients, now friends, drove away.

Renee and the pooches in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Later in the evening, we visited Miss Hazel, Miss Patsy, and Miss Elizabeth down the road. A raukus bunch – lots of laughs!

Hanging out with friends in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Electric scooter may be the way of the future in Slidell, Louisiana, USA The ladies pose for a pic at Miss Hazel's place, Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Sunday saw more raukus madness with a local Mardi Gras parade through town. Copious, copious amounts of beads were dispensed by the passing floats.

Mardi Gras parade in Slidell, Louisiana, USA Mardi Gras parade in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Mardi Gras parade in Slidell, Louisiana, USA  

In defiance of the rapidly cooling day, we stoked up a campfire next to Renee’s trailer in the evening. Renee’s long time friend Darrel, a songwriter Renee met while living in Nashville, visited and reminised with Renee through song. Incredible melodies and fine guitar playing filled the clear full moon night with a peaceful joy.

Fire time at Renee and Jamie's place in Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Fire time at Renee and Jamie's place in Slidell, Louisiana, USA 

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