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March 29th, 2008 | categorizilation: all categories,highlights,USA (California)

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This was the big day. 4 months in the waiting, I was finally here in the town of Hemet, California. Rosie Medellin had contacted me waaaaay back before I had even crossed the Atlantic regarding a possible fundraising effort to be held in Hemet when I passed through on my way to Los Angeles (or then, the plan was I was going to San Diego).

Near the beginning of the US leg of the skateboard journey, I told Rosie tentatively that I might be passing through the area around the 28th of March. Timed to perfection, three months later I arrived on the 29th.

Rosie is grandmother to Nathan Medellin Meester, age three, who has Lowe Syndrome.

To be honest, it was a little strange to be greeted as a celebrity by the Medellins and the 100-odd guests at the fundraiser.

Keynote speaker at the Lowe Syndrome Association fundraiser in Hemet, California

I could only feel that what I am doing is such a lark. So pales in comparison to the commitment of families faced with the challenge of Lowe Syndrome. Or any family, for that matter. Me, I can just say enough is enough and give up. Not so for families. Their commitment is for life. Wow. You guys are amazing.

Needless to say, it was an honour to speak about my travels and some snippets of my discoveries about life while on the road. Along with photos and stories from the road, I spoke about the 4 Ps.


I am available for other motivational talks by the way…get in fast! I’ll only be in LA for 10 days!

But anyway. Great fun, and the fundraiser was a great success. The efforts of the whole Medellin Meester Family were well rewarded with a total on-the-day total of over US$2,500 raised. Woohoo.

Keynote speaker at the Lowe Syndrome Association fundraiser in Hemet, California

Jessie Medellin Meester at the fundraiser in Hemet, California Winners of the raffle at the Lowe Syndrome Association fundraiser in Hemet, California

Me with wee Nathan:

With Nathan Medellin Meester (has Lowe Syndrome) in Hemet, California

Me with the whole Medellin Meester gang:

With the Medellin Meester famliy in Hemet, California

If you were at the fundraiser and have other photos of the event, I’d really like to post them here on the 14degrees Blog. You can send them to rob.thomson@14degrees.org.

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Comment by Kevin — April 2, 2008 @ 10:34 am | post a comment

Thanks Rob for all you do. You are such an inspiration and we are with you all the way!! Thanks also for talking to us in Hemet and for spreading the word on LS

Kevin and Juliette

Comment by Irene — April 4, 2008 @ 2:19 pm | post a comment

Hi Rob………..it was a real honor to meet you. Thanks for coming to our fundraiser. It was amazing. What you said in your blog brought tears to my eyes. And yes you are right!! Family like the Nathan's are amazing lot!! I am blessed by association. The fundraiser was so much fun and I know a lot of work for Rosi (Nathan's grandmother) and Cecelia (Nathan's mom) and and let's not forget Jess who was out there cooking up a storm to feed all of us. Well done FAMILY WELL DONE!!! And with you arriving in Hemet you help make it successful. I will be emailing you the pics I took within the next couple days. Keep the message going strong!!



Sun City, CA.

Comment by Cecilia & Nathan — April 11, 2008 @ 10:31 pm | post a comment

this message is from Nathaniel:

vv/.v.c vkbhggv gbhu6ybvc df ,,,,,,ujrtuvghhgut7y87uvsujdsujvsx svddf zzdf


thanks for everything you are doing!!!LoVe!

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