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April 4th, 2006 | categorizilation: all categories,planning/prep

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The second round of jabs went smoothly today. This time was:

  • Hepatitus A (second shot)
  • Hepatitus B (second shot)
  • Rabies (second shot)
  • Typhoid

The total cost for this session was 45,000yen (ouch). The culprit was the typhoid shot. There are no typhoid vaccine supplies within Japan, so it had to be imported especially. One shot 25,000yen.

The doc also wrote me a vaccination record. I’m not sure if I’m going to need to use it during my travels, but I’ll carry it just in case.

On another matter, with a little umming and ahhing, the doc agreed to give me some injection needles. Sterility in some hospitals in central Asia is still questionable, so it is best to carry your own sterile needles should you need to get jabbed. The doc also wrote me out a short letter approving my possesion of the needles. A letter such as this is important for border crossings, so as to not be taken for a dodgy individual.

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Comment by Joeru — April 17, 2006 @ 11:00 pm | post a comment


At least you are thinking ahead. I went to the Philippines with no pre-thought and ended up with someting wicked in my GI tract.

Good luck brother

MY homepages for your reference

http://beppuhatto.blogspot.com in English
http://onsendo.blogspot.com in Japanese



Comment by Lee — April 20, 2006 @ 8:45 pm | post a comment

Woohoo, fun and games, eh?!

Yeah, vaccinations can be a beast. It was a total of nine for me before PNG. Still, better safe than seizuring or disintegrating or whatever those things do to you.

Definitely a good plan to have the needles on you too. They supplied us with those in PNG orientation. I never had problems on planes; just don't take them in the cabin with you, I think.

Cool to see the site up again – hadn't been able to connect to it for ages but I tried shortening the address (from your old one), which sorted it out.

I'm still thesis-ing – final draft's due next week, final version the end of May. Crazy business.

All the best, Rob.


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