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September 6th, 2008 | categorizilation: all categories,China (Anhui),China (Henan)

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Today’s distance / ???????: 58.9 miles / 94.9km
Average speed / ????: 8.4mph / 13.5km/h
Time on skateboard / ????: 7h 02m
Total skateboarding distance to date / ????????????: 6747mi plus 386mi (?) / 10,858km plus 622km (?)
Ascent / ??: 240m
Descent / ??: 240m
End-of-day GPS coordinates: N31°50′48.7″, E115°55′14.9″

Stiff headwind all day, me feeling weak, sore legs. Hacked off with the Chinese with them stopping in the middle of the road to stare from their car windows/motorbikes. Annoyed that I can’t stop for a nap under a tree without someone coming and interrupting my dozing.

IMG_0925 IMG_0926

Curiosity. We all have it. I have it. When I see people killing geese on the roadside, I am intrigued. This is something I have never seen before.

Geese meet their end near Yeji, Anhui Province, China

I am compelled to stop and look. Take photos even. How hypocritical of me. I get angry at Chinese people being curious at seeing me – me being an anomoly in so many ways – and yet I still happily stare myself. I hate what I have become here in eastern China in so many ways. I don’t yet know of a way to overcome these feelings of impatience…it is a mental state, I know, so there must be a way…

Geese meet their end near Yeji, Anhui Province, China Geese meet their end near Yeji, Anhui Province, China

Geese meet their end near Yeji, Anhui Province, China

Anyway, I pushed on tired and was happy to finally make it to Anhui Province just as the sun was starting to dip below the polluted blanket that seems to eternally dampen the horizon.

Entering Anhui Province from Henan Province, China

The roads became somewhat of a maze near Yeji, and I lost the scent of G312 a couple of times. It looks like I will be following my nose a lot over the next few days!

Buffalo near Yeji, Anhui Province, China

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