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December 28th, 2008 | categorizilation: all categories,Arrival Home,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,New Zealand,Post-2008,Tajikistan,vids

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Some readers may recall that way back in Uzbekistan, the un-thinkable happened. I was using a small portable hard drive to back up all my photos and videos, and on the very day that I decided I would back the drive up (all 20GB of it), it stopped working (http://14degrees.org/en/?p=199). I thought all was lost, until the other day, my brother Chris calmly and confidently ripped the hard drive to bits, exchanged the small 1.8 inch hard drive from my portable unit with the 1.8 inch hard drive in his Ipod, and promptly proceeded to download all those lost-forever photos and videos onto my computer.

So here is a wee taster for what is to come. When I get the inspiration and time, I’ll put a couple of full edits together. Most of the footage is not particularly good (I have come a long way in video skills), but should make for some interesting videos.

Youtube version here: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoWvGvHHAb0

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Comment by Rachel — January 3, 2009 @ 7:59 pm | post a comment

yay!!! wahoooo!!! oh the stokedness of it!! oh happy day. Lost treasure unburied. woop woop

Comment by Marija — January 4, 2009 @ 2:54 pm | post a comment

Those were the days.:)..Wish to be out there..Middle of nowhere."Million Stars" hotel delux…Pamir, Stans…What a place to be!

Comment by Jessi — January 4, 2009 @ 11:55 pm | post a comment

Oh wow, that's just awesome! I'm so glad he was able to recover the data for you!

Comment by ChrisJ — January 18, 2009 @ 2:03 am | post a comment

Hi Rob,

First let me wish you a very belated Happy New Year! I was stoked to see that you were able to recover some of the "lost" footage and I will be looking forward to the longer edit along with everyone else.

Take care.

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